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The future of business is all about AI-powered insights, but not everyone has the technical skills to leverage it.

Our AI understands your business unlike everything else.

I need latest product info for our new marketing campaign


New product has 3 key features and targets mid-sized healthcare and finance companies. Launching in Q3 with €250,000 budget for digital marketing. Success measured by website traffic, lead generation and conversions.

Product <> Marketing | Campaign 2023 v1.doc

Minutes for 2023 marketing campaign that includes target market and marketing strategies. V1 is in progress.



Public Slack channel for product collaboration, including discussion of 2023 marketing campaign.


Movie Star

Marketing Lead

Signs off campaigns


Product Manager

Informs marketing strategies

Working from Home

Sales Rep

Has supported many times

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Access to knowledge anywhere

We limit the time employees spend on different sources of truth to research or discover knowledge.

Integrated workflow

We ensure Knowledge Management is embedded within the company’s workflows, rather than being stand-alone.

Contextualized results

We increase the quality of the results as we provide context-oriented results that usually would not be accessible on a large scale.

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